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Rocky Nti

I was born to Ghanian parents in London but brought up in Milton Keynes, or Grid City as I call it!!

I went to Walton High School in Walnut Tree which is where I also had my first live performance and where my love for music really came to the fore.

Rocky performing live for BBC Introducing

I used to perform at Snozone open mic night every Sunday when I was 16 and I made sure I went every week. I quickly learnt what was lame and which songs worked. The shows helped me grow and people supported me. I’d say my standout achievement came last year after being voted by BBC Introducing panellists to perform at Glastonbury. There is no place like MK, it’s clean, safe and still growing with anticipation about which way it can go. It’s a great hub for creativity.

“You can make the MK experience anything you want it to be”

Milton Keynes is like a chameleon, if you want to shop and live a slightly ‘London’ life, you can or if you want a countryside lifestyle – you can go to Stony Stratford. It’s tailored to everything you want- you can make the MK experience anything you want it to be, with it being so young it has no excuse not to really push new ideas, new agendas and be a statue of progression. I see it like this, London is an old navy ship, it’s not going to move too quickly whereas MK is like a speedboat it can manoeuvre and go with the trends.

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