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Paul Day

Back in the mid-70s my parents decided to move to the very new Milton Keynes. In those days you could just choose your house – it was a city in need of a population.

I loved it immediately. We lived on Netherfield and It was a great place to have a childhood. At that time I thought MK was full of Geordies and Scots because all these new people kept coming from everywhere to live in this new town.

It was fun! And it was still being built as I grew up.

Paul Day reminiscing at Milton Keynes hospital.

You’d go to a place you’d not been for a while and a new street had popped up, or a new shopping precinct. So much change occurred over those 20 years. Milton Keynes Hospital means a great deal to me. It was where my daughter was born – on my 21st birthday. I remember cuddling her in her first hour of life then leaving to go home just so excited.

“I wanted to tell everyone at the bus stop that I had a baby! I’ve never been in such a moment of happiness!”

It was the best day. However I’ve also had the worst day of my life at the hospital, as it was the last place I saw my father alive. He had a short battle with cancer. Only a few weeks ago I said “see you later” to him and he was dead within 24 hours. We knew he had terminal cancer but we didn’t know it would be that quick. What a lovely bloke. I thank my blessings for the aspects of myself that I see him reflected in. I am growing into him at times which I am delighted by.

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