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Nathan Edwards

I was born with Cerebral Palsy. It’s a struggle and early on it was difficult understanding the world, because I was so blocked out from everything and why I was different. I walked and talked differently to everyone else and I was confused because no one told me about my disability when I was younger.

I remember being told you’re not going to achieve things that other people will and that I had things setting me back. I tried to talk to my mum but she never wanted to talk about it, she didn’t want to deal with me, I reminded her of things that upset her and having me around her every day made her feel terrible.

Nathan Edwards enjoying the area of Milton Keynes around his home.

That negative energy just helped me turn it into something positive and I found things that made me happy. I make music and I have just put out a motivational book called ‘Take Me Seriously’; it’s a biography about growing up with the social, emotional and physical challenges of Cerebral Palsy and partial sight.

“I’ve lived in Milton Keynes all my life, I love it and it’s really a great place to be!”

I set up community activity groups in the Station Square area for people like me with disabilities to come together and socialise. We meet up, have something to eat and drink and can have a dance of play games. I try and give back to my community; I’m currently workin on a disabled dating agency afer my own difficulties finding love. I’m too shy, because of my Cerebral Palsy I feel like women are going to shy away from me and not want to talk to me.

When I get time I make music as a rapper and when I get the chance I present on Milton Keynes radio station MKFM.

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