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Nana Oguntola

I was born in Ghana but grew up in The Gambia. I moved to Milton Keynes with my husband in 2007 after heading up the Children, Youth and Drama departments at the Gambia TV station and also setting up the country’s first independent film and TV production company.

I believe in placing the power to tell stories in the hands of the marginalised. I think sustainable development can only be achieved through the triple bottom line of economic growth, social equality and environmental protection. To achieve this I run several projects in Milton Keynes, including setting up a website called the MKMIX which would provide a platform for networking, education, collaboration and information sharing between community groups, statutory bodies and various organisations in order to support the development and cohesive aspirations of Milton Keynes.

I am also a Ward Councillor with Campbell Park Parish Council.

Nana Oguntola in action at Junior Filmmakers in Milton Keynes.

One of the projects I run is Junior Filmmakers (JFM) which I started in 2014. We’ve worked with over 400 young people to teach them basic filmmaking skills. We work with many children from low income families who would otherwise be excluded from the opportunity to learn the new skills and develop communication and collaborative skills that Junior Filmmakers provides.

“I passionately believe in the empowerment of the girl child as the basis of a safe and healthy community.”

An exciting project I’m working on is with MK Gallery to run a week of international films at the Gallery in June 2017. The festival will feature films from different parts of the world incorporating music and food at the events. We want to encourage a meeting of and enjoying of, other cultures and countries in order to foster respect, understanding and cohesion.

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