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Lisa Spearman

it’s not just MK 50th birthday – it’s mine too!!  It’s really exciting and definitely a good way to make my 50th memorable.  Not many people can say they share their birthday with their home town!

I”m celebrating by making it all about Milton Keynes!  I am going to the mayoral reception oh the Friday.  I’m a huge MK Dons fan so we’ll be there to watch the match and celebrate there on the Saturday.  Then on Sunday I’ll be cutting the Milton Keynes Birthday cake in the centre.

Lisa enjoying the Fred Roche Gardens in Milton Keynes

People keep calling me Mrs Milton Keynes! But they’re right – I love it here, apart from the absence of sea salt, we literally have it all.  Lots of people dismiss it but usually they haven’t been here.  When I go to other places I find myself wishing for home.

“People keep calling me Mrs Milton Keynes! But they’re right – I love it here!”

I’m a tax advisor and when we moved to Milton Keynes it was important we had a base here so I moved to be a partner at Mercer and Hole where I still work now and love.  The main thing we get here is work life balance – I have a 12 minute drive from home which is great.  I wouldn’t live or work anywhere else.  My family and I now live in Bletchley so when the wind is in the right direction you can hear the concerts going on at the Bowl  One memory that springs to mind is from June 2003 on the day that my son was born.  Eminem was playing at the bowl and I remember lying in the hospital ward, on this really hot night listening to the Eminem concert while William was being born!.

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