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James Clifton

A special place for me is the Iron Trunk aqueduct which carries the Grand Union Canal across the River Great Ouse.

Not only have I worked for the Canal and River Trust, and British Waterways before that, for 25 years, but four years ago I moved to the area and this is somewhere I love to come and bring friends and family.

James at the site of the Iron Trunk aqueduct

In the 1980’s we found that it was leaking. It has a plug, a bit like in a bath, and we discovered it needed a washer. One of the guys took off his Wellington boot and using a sharp knife cut out a strip and wrapped it round – it stopped the leak completely and it’s still there!

“I love living in Milton Keynes – of course you’ve got all the jokes about concrete cows and so on but you’ve got everything on your doorstep.”

I love living in Milton Keynes. It’s so easy to get around, of course there are all the jokes about the concrete cows and so on but you’ve got everything on your doorstep. If you’re a shopper, fantastic, if you want to get up to London you’re there in half an hour, arts, culture, there’s just everything!

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