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Christian Horner

It’s incredible what’s happened in fifty years, where you can see the growth that’s gone particularly in the last twelve that we’ve been here, so where it’ll be in the next 50 years is what is fascinating, but it’s one of the fastest growing cities or towns in the uk

Milton Keynes has been very good for us – I mean location wise it’s fantastic – easy access to the airports, to a lot of suppliers who are local to this vicinity, Silverstone just up the road, so it’s worked incredibly well for us.

Christian Horner is Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team

When Red Bull bought the team from what was Jaguar Racing, which had previously been Stewart Grand Prix, it was by accident that we found ourselves in Milton Keynes but quickly came to realise that location wise, and access wise it was a perfect location for us.

Since then over the last twelve years we’ve invested very very heavily in the site here and expanded and made MK our long term home.

“We’ve established Milton Keynes as very much our home and we’ll be here for some time to come.”

The lakes are nice; we have a lot of people who head out at lunchtime you know either round Caldecotte lakes or in the local area, there’s everything on hand here so there’s nothing that you want for. Our young drivers they all come and live here prior, when they start as junior drivers, so whether that was Daniel Ricciardo, Daniil Kvyat or Carlos Sainz Jr., they’ve all lived in Milton Keynes as part of their training and education as Red Bull Racing drivers

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