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Carl Meale

I grew up in London and didn’t think there were any opportunites there so I moved to Milton Keynes at the age of 16.

I’m now the youngest manager of the biggest and best leisure asset in Buckinghamshire; Xscape.

Milton Keynes for me is an amazing place.  If I had not made that move, I would never have had the opportunities I did and I would not do what I do now.  For me, Xscape is like the bad relation in the family in Milton Keynes.  Everything’s square with the grid roads and then you have this huge building which just dominates the skyline and it breaks all the rules and regulations.

The Xscape building dominating the skyline in Milton Keynes

We kind of do the same.  It has a reputation for bringing the best or the first of everything.  We had the first real snow ski slope in the country, the first indoor sky diving tunnel and the biggest casino outside of London.

“I love Milton Keynes.  My children are growing up here and I wouldn’t want that to happen anywhere else.  From wherever you are in MK you can see this building, they say ‘look daddy there’s your building’, that’s a really proud moment for me.”

There’s no limit to the future of Milton Keynes – it’s the new town that just keeps giving!!

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